Monday, 20 December 2010

Green and Gold Wings

Green and Gold Wings

1. Use a white eye pencil across both eye lids and blend it to even it out. This creates an even base and will also boost the colours you apply after.

2. Using a black eye shadow or dark green create a V-shape from the corner of you eye to the beginning of your crease.

3. Blend the dark green or black inwards toward the middle of your eye lid with a lighter green.

4. With a small brush blend a yellow eye shadow from the inside corner of your eye to meet the green in the middle. Also add a touch of yellow around the outside of the wing.

5. Using the same yellow and small brush, add yellow under the lower lash line from corner to corner of your eye.

6. Use a gold eye pencil to line the upper lash line.

7. Add a little white shimmer just below the brow, this will open up the eye more and blend the yellow out a little.

8. Last of all, finish by a light coat of mascara to your upper lashes to add more of a frame to your eye.

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