I got these lashes for £5.95 from Boots. They have a glitter strip across the lash line which you can see when you close your eyes. Also the inside lashes are criss crossed but this isn't very noticeable when wearing them. 
All the lashes are quite stiff so they stay in place which means you can re-use them more, however they are also quite strait and not very easy to apply. Also as the lashes are strait you don't seem them as well as the more curved ones. Because of the glitter strip the lash line is also quite stiff so you have to take a little time to adjust and get them onto your eye right. 
The adhesive with these lashes is quite good, it is smooth and dries quite fast so you don't have to hang around for ages with your eyes fluttering waiting for it to dry.
I would not recommend these false eye lashes as although they have an attractive design when looking at them in the packaging, they don't look the same on and are really fiddly to put on. However, if you want a subtle elegant look then I would maybe recommend these lashes as they aren't massively noticeable, they are affordable and they last a long time when you have them on as well as being able to re-use them again if you clean the glue off.

Price: 7/10 
Appearance: 6/10
Application: 3/10
Adhesive: 9/10
Overall: 6/10