Sunday, 19 December 2010

Cut Crease.

Cut Crease

I Usually create video logs for my tutorials, I am going to write step by step tutorials here for each of my looks for you so that you can try them out yourself.

If you benefit better by video tutorials I will create a link for each of my looks that I have a video for.

Right lets start!!

1. Prepare the eyes for the make-up with a primer. I like to use Urban Decay's eyeshadow primer potion as it has a wand which is easy to use, also the product has a smooth consistency which makes it easy to spread over the eyes evenly.

2. Use a white eye pencil to cover both eye lids then use your finger to blend it out evenly. If the white doesn't appear light enough try adding another layer.

3. Using an ink based eyeliner with an angled brush. Again I stick with Urban Decay with their Ink for Eyes in black. Create a curve above your crease line extending just to the temple. (It doesn't particularly matter that the curve is neat at this stage.)

4. Using a smokey eyeliner brush, or any small stiff brush, blend a black eye shadow upwards from the curve you created with the ink eye liner. Don't go below the curve or you won't get the sharp line cut crease. After you have applied the black use a clean blending brush so soften the upper of the black.

5. Now it's time to start the lower curved line. Using the ink based eye liner again, create a curve starting from where your nose meets your eye and along under the lower lash line and along the temple.

6. Again with the black eyeshadow do the same as you did with the first line, but blending it downwards. Also soften this line with a blending brush.

7. Add a touch of colour to the bottom line with a soft brush, in my case I used green but you can really use what ever colour you want to.

8. So, both curves are finished now, to make them stand out a bit more you can add a touch more white eye pencil along the lower lash line and in-between the curves on the temple.

9. To add just a little more detail and glamour I added small gems to the space in-between the curves on my temple, but you can really add them where ever you want, be experimental and add your own twist to the look.

10. Last of all I added a small amount of white eyeshadow just under my brow and just below the bottom curve to just blend it all out a little more.

Vwolla! and your look should be complete.

If you have tried out this look then why not send a picture.
If there are anyways you think I could change my tutorial style then please let me know.

Thank you for reading.

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