Skin Care

Lips vary massively from person to person. The ways they can vary are:
-Natural Colour
-Shape (Top Lip and Bottom)

It's is important to remember that the lips need taking care of just like skin. 
You can lightly exfoliate your lips and then use a conditioning balm or moisturiser   leave your lips smooth, with an even texture. Plumping balms or glosses are good to use if you have smaller lips. It will plump your lips and make them appear fuller.

A common shape used for lips is the 'Cupid's Bow'. This is the name for the two triangular shapes on the top lip.

It is important to always use your natural lip shape as a guide line. Don't go over the lip line as it is easy to spot when lip make-up is applied on skin and will give an unprofessional look.

Obviously there are a lot of differences from eye to eye on different people. Before you start applying makeup you have to consider the whole shape of your eye, from just below the lower lash line to eye brow. This way you will know how much colour you can apply, how you can add contour and highlight, and how you can make you eyes appear bigger or smaller. 

The skin on and around the eyes is thinner and more delicate than that of the rest of the skin on your face, so when exfoliating, try and stay clear of this area. You can however use a moisturiser if you have dry and/or tired eyes. If you have oily skin on and around the eyes then loose powder before make-up will give you a matte base to start with.

It is very important to recognise the condition of your skin before you start applying any products. If you have dry skin you will need to use more toner and moisturiser, this will add that needed moisture back into your skin. In the case of  more dry skin you could try a hydrating booster first. With oily or skin that already has plenty of moisture to it only apply a little moisturiser if any. Beauty serums are good for oily skin as they help to tighten your pours. With serums you need to remember to only use a small amount as it has concentrated ingredients. Just a little on your finger tip should be enough for your whole face as it is very smooth and doesn't have any thickness to it. 
Exfoliants aren't necessary with young, fresh skin. What an exfoliant does, is remove the top layer of your skin. If you have dry skin don't be fooled into using an exfoliant as a solution. Over using exfoliants will dry out your face more. You face needs that top layer of skin as it is filled with keratin which protects the new skin cells whilst they form. Exfoliants are useful for more mature skin as the skin turn over slows down so you don't necessarily need the top layer of skin anymore and it may become dry, giving it more chance to crease.