The front cover eyeshadow palettes provide a very strong pigment. They have a fine consistency so they are easy to spread across the eye lid. The brushes that come with the palettes are actually quite good quality. They are soft and have a double end, a larger brush to cover the lid and a smaller brush for adding wings or adding cut crease. 
The colours literally show on your lid as they do in the palette which is amazing!!! I find with alot of other products this isn't the case, sometimes they may be too light and you have to apply layer after layer, but I can just use front cover like any other brand.
This palette also comes with a really big mirror, I actually use it as my main mirror now you because it is big enough to actually see what I'm doing unlike small compacts.
I highly recommend this product, ALSO, if you get it from boots stores now, it is in the SALE so that means its super cheap! If you can't find it in the sale it isn't very expensive anyway so it is definitely worth checking out!!