Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Skins care review

I recently tried out a couple of skins care products. Both very different.
The first one I tried out was 'mudd' original mask. It is a deep cleansing pure clay formula face mask. The one I got came in a squeezey sachet and is usable for up to 10 applications. It completely depends on your preference on thickness of application to how long it last but it is quite a thick clay so you dont really have to paste it on. You can get the 'mudd' original mask in trial sachets which or just one application sachets.
You are advised by the instructions to keep the mask on for 10 - 15 minutes. If you aren't used to wearing clay masks then it might start to feel uncomfortable as it sets as it tightens your skin. You just need to stick with it.

Personally I would advise not to use face masks daily. It's like using exfoliators, if you use it to regularly you can really dry your skins out because you are removing the top layer of your skins which is vital for protecting your new skins which is developing underneath. As you get older and have more mature skin you develop new layers of skins slower so it doesn't effect your skins as much to use masks or exfoliators, in fact it will remove any dead skins cells you have to give you a smoother touch.

The second product I have tried out if the purifying foaming cleanser from 'Dr. nick Lowe Dermotologist' it's is super smoothe and easy to use. You use it after you have washed your face briefly just to soften the skin. You just apply one plunge onto your hand and rub it into your skin. It does have a small amount of exfoliating beads in it but you barely feel them, they just remove any dead skin cells you have on your face. As it isnt a harsh exfoliant the cleanser is suitable to use daily. The directions advise t use once in the morning and then again in the evening. When I bought this product I expected it to be a liquid which foams up when you rub it into your face but it is just foam as it comes out. It is really easy to spread around the face and it is really light and rubs in very easily. After you have applied it yo just rinse it off with Luke warm water. Easy as really. This product you can buy for around £10 which I think is reasonable because it comes in a large bottle so it lasts quite a while, also it feeds a lot of vitamins in to your skin to make it healthier, such asvitimins A, C and E which maximises skins absorption at cellular level. It also adds niacinamide which targets skin which is prone to spots and blemishes and salicylic acid, willow bark and arnica which are anti bacterials.

Soo try them out!!!

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