Tuesday, 28 December 2010


I got a rather lovely make-up box that fits all my make-up in perfectly for christmas!

It is one of the smaller vanity boxes but it is the right size for my makeup. You can get different sizes but always be aware that if you are moving around a lot for clients you don't want a box that is too heavy. Also on the website you can get the suitcase styles vanity cases which have the long handle and wheels making is easy to transport around with you. The cases are very sturdy and have enough compartments for all your different makeup. Also with the larger cases, even if you aren't going to fill it, it gives you more room to keep all your makeup organised i.e. skin, eyes, pigments, brushes.

Abby x.


  1. thats really cool!! i liked the baby pink colour
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  2. It is a really good case! It is really sturdy and I keep all my different things in the different spaces. :D